Perpignan: the City accuses Nasdas’ lawyer of being “a defender of Daesh”, Master Maallaoui replies

The town hall of Perpignan reacted by press release to a Snapchat video from Nasdas. The Saint-Jacques influencer films himself with Maître Ilyacine Maallaoui, whom he presents as his lawyer. A lawyer at the Paris bar and a native of Perpignan, he represented one of the defendants in the trial of the attacks of November 13, and represents the investors of rue de la Cloche d’Or.

This Wednesday, July 27, in one of his Snapchat stories seen by tens of thousands of Internet users, the Perpignan influencer Nasdas filmed himself in front of the Perpignan courthouse with Maître Ilyacine Maallaoui, the lawyer for the investors of rue de la Cloche d’Or who conceal their identity. For the record, among them, the name Nasdas came up very often. The manager of the latter had however denied the information. But the hypothesis was gaining weight, Louis Aliot even mentioning it to the municipal council of June 22 about the “halal shops“.

On the social network, Nasdas explains: “When you have this lawyer, Master Maallaoui, who defended the attacks of November 13, 9 months of trial, you are untouchable. I’ve been working with him for a long time, he won’t disappoint you“. The video is accompanied by the message “The Lawyer at Nasdas“. Ilyacine Maallaoui, from the Paris bar, was one of the lawyers for Sofien Ayari, who sat in the dock during the trial of the November 13 attacks in Paris and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

“I do my job”

This July 28, the town hall of Perpignan, reacted with a press release titled “Influencer Nasdas hires Daesh defender as lawyer” and writes: “VShis choice is an insult to all the families of victims just days after the end of the trial of the November 13 attacks. It also reveals that behind the media personality hides a whole other character whose actions begin to reveal the true orientations.

Contacted by The Independent, Master Maallaoui comments: “I do my job and I find it quite intriguing that the first magistrate of the city of Perpignan makes such a shortcut. I am not going to sink into a sterile debate and relearn the rights and laws that make our country a great democracy. I am extremely surprised by the ad hominem attack which is made today by the mayor of Perpignan. I also do not exclude the legal route to assert the respect to which a lawyer is entitled like any other citizen.”

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