Perros-Guirec. New owner and new chef for La Suite restaurant

In Perros-Guirec, facing Trestraou beach, the restaurant La Suite has long been anchored in the local landscape. ©DK – Le Trégor

An impregnable sea view from the restaurant and its terrace where the delightfully quaint pergola reigns supreme. To Perros-Guirec, in front of the Trestraou beach, on the west side of the seaside resort, at the foot of the emblematic Grand Hotel, The Suite restaurant has long been rooted in the local landscape.

Reasons why the new owners absolutely wanted to preserve what makes the attraction of the establishment.

“The Suite of the Suite”

Indeed, for the company Roz Marine, also owner of the new Thalasso under construction, and which took over the reins of the restaurant in 2022, the objective was clear:

On the terrace, opposite chef Jean-François Coudert, catering director, Jimmy Savin and Yves-Marie Le Bec, commercial director. ©DK – Le Trégor

“Do not change anything regarding restaurant assets. Value this heritage and ensure continuity”.

Yves-Marie Le Bec, commercial director at Roz Marine.

“The continuation of the Suite, in a way” he sums up.

From the terrace, a breathtaking view of Trestraou beach. ©DK – Le Trégor

New chef, new menu

No renovation, the decoration redone 10 years earlier is most satisfactory, no work planned. The only size change is in the kitchens.

In the kitchen, at the head of a brigade of 10 employees, Jean-Francois Coudert. The chef, who grew up and studied on the banks of the Loire (49), has worked in several renowned sites as a hotel The Hermitage at La Baule, Bristol in Paristhe Miramar Crouesty in the Gulf of Morbihan before joining the Fouquet’s in Enghein-les-Bainsin the Val-d’Oise, until this year.

Inspired by Pierre Gagnaire

A creative cuisine born from the imagination of maestro Pierre Gagnaire, and from which our chef admits to being inspired.

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“A humble cuisine, like the great chef Gagnaire, refined, generous, with taste, and seasonal”.

Jean-François Coudert already promises “signature dishes around the best from here: fish, charcuterie, vegetables, dairy products”. On the meat side, his taste brings him towards Charolais and Aubrac, “and towards the good poultry of Argoat”.

Jean-François Coudert already promises “signature dishes around the best from here: fish, charcuterie, vegetables, dairy products” ©DK – Le Trégor

The scallop shell

A card being finalized that he will unveil on October 12 and where we should also find his favorite product:

“Scallops caught in the bay of Saint-Brieuc”.

A key element of his cuisine that brings him back to his vacations that he has always spent in Brittany.

Local and family

Not to mention the food/wine pairings that the sommelier will be happy to recommend, again with the promise of “beautiful discoveries within an accessible menu”.

With a lunch menu at €27, starter, main course, dessert (€22, main course or main course dessert), an evening menu at €37 accompanying the menu, the catering director, Jimmy Savin, announces the ambitions of the Suite new formula :

“A family restaurant, open all year round for the local population, with affordable prices which does not prevent a professional welcome and refined cuisine”.

The following. Trestraou Beach, Boulevard Joseph le Bihan, Perros-Guirec. For the restaurant and the future Thalasso, the company Roz Marine is recruiting 15 to 20 candidates: kitchen, hospitality… All profiles are welcome. Contact: 02 96 49 09 34.

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