producers forced to stop… cheese making

published on Friday, August 12, 2022 at 1:10 p.m.

Due to a lack of grass in the meadows, producers of AOP salers will have to stop cheese making from Friday August 12, reports France 3.

Hard blow for the sector. From this Friday, August 12, producers of salers AOP (protected designation of origin) must stop the manufacture of cheese, reports France 3.

The reason ? There is no longer enough grass in the meadows. Farmers can no longer respect the specifications of the AOP, which imposes 75% grass in the food of the cows.

“We could not fool the consumer who is used to a quality cheese”, explains to France 3 Laurent Lours, producer of Salers AOP cheeses in Cantal. The department is not spared by the drought, which roasts the grasslands.

A first in Cantal

The total cessation of production of Salers cheese, made only on farms from April 15 to November 15, is a first in Cantal. The 78 producers must therefore adapt. Most of them will transform their milk into cantal, which has fewer manufacturing constraints. “But the valuation is not the same. For 1,000 liters of milk transformed into cantal, we earn 200 euros less than with the salers”regrets Laurent Lours, also president of the Salers sector.

A shortage and a rise in prices from next winter?

Currently, the specifications of the AOP are in full revision. “One of the avenues would be to allow a little more hay in the diet of cows”believes the farmer, even if he recognizes that this would have an impact on the quality of the cheese. “We don’t get the same product! The cheese is more yellow. It doesn’t have the same flavors”, he laments, to France 3. Each year, in normal times, 1,200 tonnes of salers are produced. A shortage in stores and a rise in prices are to be feared from next winter.

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