Restaurant vouchers: ceiling, new products… everything that changes on September 1

The ceiling for restaurant vouchers goes from 19 to 25 euros on September 1. (©OceanProd / Adobe Stock)

Good news for the millions of employees who use restaurant vouchers daily. New rules come into effect from the start of the school year for payment solutions such as Ticket Restaurant, Table check or Lunch voucher.

What maximum amount?

First, the cap amount will increase. After doing the yoyo for the past few weeks, it will be possible to pay 25 euros per day, instead of 19 euros today, from September 1, as indicated by the government on its website.

This decision was taken within the framework of the law on purchasing power, definitively validated by Parliament on August 3.

As a reminder, the ceiling was changed to 38 euros just after the spring 2020 confinement to support restaurateurs affected by the health crisis.

This amount had been extended several times: until August 31, 2021, then until February 28, 2021, then until June 30, 2022. Finally, the government decided, on the proposal of opposition groups, to raise the ceiling.

Until when ?

This time, no bad last minute surprises, and sudden changes, the cap of 25 euros will be effective until December 31, 2023.

What products to buy with?

It was the senators who made this proposal by tabling an amendment as part of the discussion of the text of the law: broaden the possibility of buying all food products, whether or not they are directly consumable, with this payment solution.

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Today, it is only possible to buy fresh products (fruits, vegetables, prepared meals, snacks, preserves), savory and sweet groceries, frozen foods (prepared meals) and non-alcoholic drinks.

From now on, products such as unprocessed meat or fish, pasta, rice, starches, and all products that can be used to prepare meals such as eggs, flour or butter, are included in the list.

This measure was included in the Official newspaper this Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

Restaurant vouchers can be used to pay all or part of the price of any food product, whether or not it is directly consumable.

Official newspaper

In which establishments?

The list of establishments accepting restaurant vouchers does not change. We find the restaurants (traditional and fast food), sandwich shops and snack signsthem company restaurants and canteensand the supermarkets.

In addition, with certain cards issuing restaurant vouchers (Edenred for example) it is also possible to order via food delivery apps.

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