she wanted to please her children by taking them to the restaurant, but everything did not go as planned

During the summer, some Horeca establishments make tempting offers to attract families. This is particularly the case of Applewood Farm in Astley, Greater Manchester. For each adult ordering breakfast, two children could take advantage of a promotion: £1, or €1.20 for their meal.

Except that not everything went as planned, says The Manchester Evening News. If on his bill the promotion was indeed effective, it was not so for the employees of the establishment: “We do not make breakfasts for children, we only have an adult size”.

The mom didn’t give up. “This voucher entitles you to a light breakfast, any children’s meal or a junior carvery from the children’s menu for £1 each when purchasing an adult breakfast, ‘a main meal or a meat,’ she explained, but again the employees told her, “not sure why they put that in because it’s supposed to be just main meals.”

Finally, and after discussion with other people working at Applewood Farm, the mother was able to take advantage of the said promo. A spokesperson for the establishment said: “We apologize for the confusion encountered, the member of the team who served you was confused about the offer but is fully aware of it now. Our breakfasts for adults are ‘all you can eat’, but our breakfasts for children are not, which is why this has been highlighted.


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