Shortage: these 8 foods that could disappear due to drought!

Difficult to deny today global warming. The latter is being felt this year with in particular three heat waves which have succeeded one another in France, between mid-June and mid-August. Heat records have been beaten almost everywhere in France and there is a lack of water. As a result, the fires have burned thousands of hectares while the French are asked to save water. Today, we are talking to you about the consequences that the drought has on the plate of the French.

Are the guilty pleasures of fries and chocolate soon to disappear?

This is terrible news that we are announcing to you and we are aware of it. Due to the situation in Ukraine, the fry was already under threat due to the shortage of sunflower oil. Now comes the drought. The latter greatly affects the cultivation of potatoes. The President of the National Union of Potato Producers (UNPT), Geoffroy d’Evry, expressed his concern to Midi Libre. The ” significant temperature shocks (…), and in a repeated manner, raise a legitimate concern as to the volume of production, in quality as in quantity“.

As for chocolate, the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, an American agency which is dedicated to the protection of natural resources, there will be no more chocolate in 30 years. Because of what ? Simply rising temperatures. Indeed, cocoa trees grow in tropical forests. They need high humidity for this. But if temperatures rise, then these trees may run out of water. This would cause the end of the chocolate.

Sugar lovers will not even be able to comfort themselves with sugar since the sugar beet no longer grows as soon as the temperatures exceed 35 degrees. In addition, it is very water-intensive.

Drought pushes farmers to change crops

Farmers are thinking about the idea of ​​planting earlier in the year, so that crops do not suffer from extreme heat or the drought caused by the latter. We notice that, of course, flowering is earlier each year. While the cherry trees were in bloom in April to give us cherries in May, it is not uncommon to see the first flowers… as early as February. This has an impact on fruit cultivation, which are smaller and sweeter in recent years.

But the new schedule has consequences. “The acid, aroma and sugar balance is unbalanced by the rise in temperature, the wine is more jammy and loaded with alcohol”, we explains Jean-Marc Touzard, specialist in innovations for the adaptation of agriculture to climate change.

Drought: will it soon be impossible to make an apple cake?

Without milk and apple, you may have trouble. Indeed, these two foods are likely to eat in the future. Farmers warn of future milk shortage ahead. Indeed, they cannot feed their cow without drawing on the reserves. Why ? Due to the drought, the cows have no green grass to eat. However, the reserves are expensive and should not have been used before the winter. This will play a role in the price of milk and in its production.

As for apples, they are victims of late frost, which is a consequence of global warming. Trees begin to flower due to pleasant temperatures early in the season, but late frost eventually prevents apple formation. In addition, with the rise in temperatures, there is a fear of the proliferation of parasitic insects which, helped by the mild temperatures, develop more quickly.

In the years to come, it is very likely that we will have to change some of our eating habits. We can’t say we didn’t know. We cannot say that the specialists have not tried to alert, for years. But as often, it is only when it is too late that we want to act. Emmanuel Macron said it during his first term, there is no planet B. So why has the Ministry of Ecology gone from fifth to tenth place in protocol rank?

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