Our surprising Creole literature!

Our two shock cops are back. Always as insightful, always as devious when it comes to chasing apprentice killers of all stripes. We cannot reproach our Reunionese literature for being monotonous. Books on history, geography, tourism, cooking recipes (sometimes more or less authentic); poetry, novels, theatre, biographies, essays, politics, sociology, you can find everything and, … Read more

3 simple reflexes for the prevention of diabetes in Reunion

Partners engaged in the fight The fight against diabetes and the promotion of better nutrition are a health priority for Reunion: the ARS and 12 partners (Reunion Academy, DAAF, DRAJES, Region, Departmental Council, Association of Mayors, Health Insurance, Mutualité de la Réunion, Tip@santé (interURPS), SEDMER, CIC-EC du CHU, France Assos Santé) are mobilized around an … Read more

Apple iPhones outperform Android smartphones in the US

For the first time since its launch in 2007, the iPhone’s share of all smartphones held in the US market exceeded 50%, according to Counterpoint Research. At the end of June 2022, more Americans owned an iPhone than a smartphone equipped with the Android mobile operating system. According to a study by Counterpoint Research, the … Read more

Miracle, the lost dog from Piton des Neiges finds his family six months later

“He’s our Filou. He came home with us yesterday (Saturday). We lost him six months ago at the Plaine des Palmistes”entrusts us this Sunday his family. “When we saw his photo on your site, we knew it was him! He is very fearful with people he does not know, no one could have caught him, … Read more

​LMR supports Reunionese livestock farming undermined by animal wandering

This situation has been making headlines on our island for years, and has led to massacres of chickens, ducks, goats, deer and even horses. It must be said that we are surely one of the places in the world where there are the most stray dogs per inhabitant, not to mention all those who are … Read more

she finds her luggage stolen by an airport employee thanks to the Apple Airtag

By Emma Confrere Posted 34 minutes ago, Update 27 minutes ago Delta airline explains that it “has zero tolerance for this alleged conduct by anyone associated” with the company. Tada Images / stock.adobe.com The 19-year-old stole more than $16,000 in property from a Florida airport, which investigators were able to find thanks to this Apple … Read more

Political advertising spending is skyrocketing in the United States

By Claudia Cohen Posted 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago While television and radio stations have an obligation to disclose the amounts spent by politicians, social networks are not bound by the same transparency obligations. Rawf8 / Alamy via Reuters Connect DECRYPTION – During the campaign for the mid-term elections, 9.7 billion dollars will … Read more