his donors pay more than a million dollars to pay his lawyers

Buried under the lawsuits, Donald Trump received significant financial aid from his supporters to face American justice. New lawsuits, this time for tax evasion, have just been announced by the New York State Attorney General. Lawsuits against Donald Trump continue to multiply in the United States. After the search carried out by the FBI in … Read more

“In the United States, there is a danger of civil violence on both sides”

MAJOR MAINTENANCE – The chairman of the American Jewish Committee analyzes the dangers of an America divided into “grid-fenced” communities. He also returns to the existential challenge represented by the conjunction of Putin’s war in Ukraine, the rise of China and the deep democratic crisis in the West. As he leaves his post as president … Read more

United States: Trump and his children sued in civil proceedings by the New York prosecutor

Published on : 09/21/2022 – 20:17 New legal troubles for Donald Trump. The New York prosecutor is launching civil lawsuits against the former president, three of his children and executives of the Trump organization, we learned on Wednesday, September 21. With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin It is the financial practices of the Trump … Read more

in Georgia, Democratic hopes put to the test of civil war – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers Midterms: 2022 US Midterm Electionscase In the 2020 presidential election, Georgia had swung in favor of the Democrats, a revolution in the conservative south of the United States. To avoid another setback in the midterm elections, the Republican state government has further toughened its assault on minority suffrage. From the … Read more

what if Biden avoids the midterm mandate? – Liberation

To analyse Article reserved for subscribers Midterms: 2022 US Midterm Electionscase Capitalizing on his legislative successes, the decline in inflation, the defense of abortion and the threat of Trump, the President is recovering. Promised to a debacle, the Democratic camp could save part of its majority in Congress. Neither the actors nor the observers of … Read more

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham proposes banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy – Liberation

Lindsey Graham, close to Donald Trump, introduced a bill on Tuesday that would ban abortion across the United States after 15 weeks of pregnancy. A political coup that would not change the bans adopted by a dozen conservative states since the Supreme Court’s decision. A political coup to soften the image of the Republicans. It … Read more

between the United States and its former monarchs, a reciprocal affection

By Adrian Jaulmes Posted on 09/09/2022 at 19:13, Update yesterday at 4:16 p.m. Queen Elizabeth II, who was the contemporary of 13 Presidents of the United States, rides a horse with Ronald Reagan, June 8, 1982, on the grounds of Windsor Castle. DAVID LEVENSON/Getty Images via AFP The announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth … Read more

halt to the investigation into the files of Donald Trump

It’s a victory for Donald Trump: an independent expert will be appointed to study the documents seized this summer at his Florida home. So decided the federal justice Monday, September 5. This move suspends the FBI’s investigation and allows the ex-president to save time, pending the possible announcement of a presidential candidacy in 2024. Since … Read more

judge orders independent supervisor’s review of documents seized from Trump

Judge Aileen Cannon acceded to the request of the former American president by this decision which temporarily prohibits the investigators from examining the documents seized in the residence of Mar-a-Lago of Palm Beach. An independent expert must be appointed to review the documents seized in early August by the FBI from Donald Trump’s Florida home, … Read more

thousands of refugees at the center of a cruel game between Texas and New York – Liberation

Reportage Article reserved for subscribers The Republican governor of Texas, the main gateway for migrants to the United States, charters buses to transport asylum seekers to Democratic strongholds. In New York, NGOs are mobilizing to welcome them. “The governor of Texas wants to throw New York into chaos and embarrassment. But he can persist until … Read more