the United States considers it ‘ridiculous’ to insinuate that it could be responsible

Russian diplomacy had demanded that Joe Biden say whether the United States was behind the leaks detected on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea. “It’s ridiculouson the part of Russia to insinuate that the United States could be responsible for the leaks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, commented … Read more

Pressure mounts on US Congress to avoid ‘shutdown’ before election

An energy bill, which Democrats have pledged to include in the resolution, is causing bipartisan frenzies and hampering discussions. US elected officials were negotiating behind the scenes on Monday, September 26 to reach a temporary agreement that would avoid paralysis of the federal state – the famous “shutdown– before the midterm elections in November. Federal … Read more

US calls for China debate at UN

After the disclosure last August of a United Nations report on “possible crimes against humanity” in China in Xinjiang province against the Uyghur minority, the United States wants to pass a resolution condemning China. The United States on Monday (September 26) called for a debate at the UN Human Rights Council on the human rights … Read more

his donors pay more than a million dollars to pay his lawyers

Buried under the lawsuits, Donald Trump received significant financial aid from his supporters to face American justice. New lawsuits, this time for tax evasion, have just been announced by the New York State Attorney General. Lawsuits against Donald Trump continue to multiply in the United States. After the search carried out by the FBI in … Read more

curbing inflation without hurting employment is possible, according to the Minister of the Economy

On Wednesday, the Fed raised rates again. Its chairman Jerome Powell warned that the fight against inflation would be painful for the economy. It is possible to bring down high inflation in the United States, while maintaining a healthy labor market, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Thursday, saying she hopes the US central … Read more

Mexico asks the United States to extradite the mastermind behind the murder of a journalist

Mexico has asked the United States to extradite the alleged mastermind behind the murder of journalist Javier Valdez, who was murdered in May 2017, the attorney general’s office said on Saturday, after his release from prison. Damaso Lopez Serrano, a drug trafficker known by the nickname “Minilic”, is accused of having ordered the murder of … Read more

California sues Amazon for anticompetitive practices

According to the investigation conducted by the prosecutor, the e-commerce giant “severely penalizes” companies if their products are sold for less on other platforms. The California attorney general on Wednesday launched a lawsuit against Amazon, which he accuses of abusing its dominant position to curb competition and drive up prices. “Amazon forces merchants to agree … Read more

Special forces landing from SpaceX rockets, the Pentagon’s daydream

By Maurin Picard Posted yesterday at 5:51 p.m., Update yesterday at 9:59 p.m. SpaceX successfully launched and landed Starship SN15 from Starbase spaceport in Boca Chica, Texas on May 5, 2021. UPI/ABACA INVESTIGATION – The United States is considering the ultra-rapid deployment of American intervention forces, anywhere in the world, in less than two hours, … Read more

the United States honors the memory of the victims, 21 years later

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES – The Americans paid tribute this Sunday to the victims of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the worst in history. Americans on Sunday honored the memory of the nearly 3,000 people killed in the worst attacks in history, September 11, 2001, which deeply traumatized their country. In New York, the … Read more

there is “a risk” of recession, warns the secretary of the Treasury

Faced with inflation which had reached its highest level in 40 years in June, before slowing down a little in July (8.5%), the central bank is gradually raising its key rates. There are “a riskof recession in the United States due to the measures taken to slow inflation, which will necessarily weigh on economic activity, … Read more