At the global telecoms policeman, a struggle for influence between Russia and the United States

The International Telecommunications Union, the global telecom policeman, elects its next secretary general on Thursday. Only two candidates are in the running: an American and a Russian. Beyond this vote between two great powers at loggerheads, issues are emerging for the future of the Internet. A future on which China, in particular, is trying to … Read more

US calls for China debate at UN

After the disclosure last August of a United Nations report on “possible crimes against humanity” in China in Xinjiang province against the Uyghur minority, the United States wants to pass a resolution condemning China. The United States on Monday (September 26) called for a debate at the UN Human Rights Council on the human rights … Read more

UN special rapporteur urges states not to forget Burma crisis

Published on : 09/23/2022 – 01:47 Before the Human Rights Council, the UN special rapporteur for Burma Tom Andrews made an offensive speech to prevent the Burmese crisis from falling into oblivion by the international community… sometimes going through the box of vulgarity. With our correspondent in Geneva, Jeremiah Lance The world must stop having … Read more