Taha Bouhafs’ lawyers denounce a procedure “outside the law”

5:23 p.m., July 7, 2022, modified at 11:42 a.m., July 11, 2022

In a press release, the lawyers of Taha Bouhafs denounce the procedure initiated by the Committee for the Monitoring of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (CVSS) of France Insoumise. According to them, the former LFI candidate for the legislative elections cannot respond, under these conditions, to the accusations against him.

A procedure “outside the law”. This is how the lawyers of Taha Bouhafs described the actions carried out by the Committee for monitoring sexual and gender-based violence (CVSS) of La France insoumise. According to a press release released on Thursday by his three lawyers William Bourdon, Raphaël Kempf and Vincent Brengarth, the procedure prevents Taha Bouhafs from responding to the charges against him.

“Taha Bouhafs intends, through his counsel, to reaffirm his right to know the accusations against him in order to be able to respond to them, in the same way as any publicly accused citizen” write his lawyers who question “ more generally the need to review the internal procedures of certain political formations or associative structures, to avoid, in the name of the legitimate fight against sexual violence, that trials are conducted unilaterally in an interpersonal environment that cannot guarantee neutrality and impartiality ».

Candidate for the legislative elections in the Rhône, Taha Bouhafs withdrew on May 10, invoking the ” racism “ and the “unprecedented attacks” carried out in the ranks of macronie, the right and part of the left.

Taha Bouhafs implicates Clémentine Autain

After a long silence, the journalist spoke out on social media on July 5. In a long six-page letter, he criticizes LFI for not allowing him to defend himself against the charges. He demands a “just fair procedure in which I could know what exactly I am being accused of”.

In a statement, France Insoumise said “not recognizing oneself in the version of the facts” of the former militant and asserts that he cannot “transmit to him the information sent to the cell because we respect the complainants’ desire for anonymity”. However, the statement states that “in respect of the contradictory, he may be heard by our authorities”.

In his letter Taha Bouhafs also directly implicates Clémentine Autain. The journalist reports that MP LFI asked him to make a press release to say that he was withdrawing his candidacy for the legislative elections “because of racist attacks” that he was undergoing. On Twitter, Clémentine Autain assured that this version distorted “the reality of our exchange when it does not say factually false things”. MEP LFI renewed her support for women victims of violence as well as her desire to improve the judicial system to fight against this violence.

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