Tensions in Asia: “We are determined and ready to fight” the United States, China ready to go to armed conflict for Taiwan

China, through its Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, says it is ready to fight for Taiwan.

China’s military is ready to fight for the country’s sovereignty as the United States attempts to undermine stability in the Asia-Pacific region, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said on Tuesday.

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“China cannot be tamed. We are not afraid of evil forces or enemies. We are determined and ready to fight any enemy”he warned in a video message to the 10th Moscow Conference on International Security.

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Attempts at interference “doomed to failure”

Beijing has thus ordered other countries not to attempt to interfere in the Taiwan issue. Separatists advocating so-called Taiwan independence are sure to break their necks. Attempts at outside interference are doomed to failure.” added the Chinese Defense Minister, as reported by the Russian News Agency CASS.

China can defend itself from US attempts to undermine stability — defense minister: https://t.co/5W8sfSPts6 pic.twitter.com/NNiR5J6SIL

— TASS (@tassagency_en) August 16, 2022

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