The American brand Domino’s Pizza gives up on the Italian market



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Present for seven years in Italy, the Domino’s Pizza chain has just announced the closure of its last stores on transalpine soil. Local pizzerias got the better of the American firm.

In Italy, pizza is sacred and Domino’s learned that the hard way. Despite enticing and enthusiastic advertisements, the American giant of pizza never succeeded in conquering the Italian market. The brand hoped to open 880 restaurants in Italy by 2030, it will be zero. In question, in particular, a local gastronomic pride well anchored on the other side of the Alps. “Pizza, we invented it”claims the owner of a pizzeria in Rome.

Same story with customers for whom a Margarita or a Regina has much more appeal than a pizza with bacon or any other exotic flavor. “In Italy, we are very traditional with food, very strict. This idea of ​​American-style or pineapple pizza, it couldn’t work”, says a young man sitting on the terrace. According to the company, the pizzas could have seduced young people if the covid had not passed by. Indeed, pizzerias have launched into take-out sales, Domino’s main hunting ground. A failure reminiscent of that of Starbucks which had thrown in the towel in March, not knowing how to compete with Italian espresso.

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