The mysterious disappearance of a hundred cats sows concern in the Hérault

Le Parisien took stock of these disappearances which fuel all the rumors in the region. Some mention “traffic for laboratories in Spain”, others see it as the mark of an “organization behind all that. »

And yet, the local SPA has seen others. “The anti-cat phenomenon exists. We had decapitated cats, we had hanged cats, we had all that. But there, given the size and area, it still seems to me maybe something else, ”explained Annie Benezech, director of the Montpellier SPA on France Bleu Hérault.

Many disappearances last year in Toulouse

The most surprising thing is that these are not stray cats. Almost all missing felines are tattooed or chipped. Their owners have multiplied the deposits of handrails at the gendarmerie. No follow-up for the moment. The opening of a judicial inquiry is demanded, especially since the strange series is not new in France. Between March 2020 and March 2021, 382 cats were reported missing north of Toulouse. An association had decided to file a complaint and the gendarmes of Haute-Garonne had issued a call for witnesses, without success.

“The objective is to identify the volume of disappearances and to know if we are faced with a normal phenomenon or not”, explained an investigator to 20Minutes. “Sometimes it is real organized traffic, sometimes for resale on the Internet, sometimes for furs”.

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