The results of Nicolas Sarkozy’s law firm in free fall

Definitely, 2021 has been a dark year for Nicolas Sarkozy. Sentenced to prison in the so-called “wiretapping” case, but also for the illegal financing of his 2012 electoral campaign – he appealed the two decisions – the former President of the Republic has, in another register , witnessed the fall in the results of the law firm Realyze. Associated with Christofer Claude – the son of Arnaud Claude, who co-founded the company with Nicolas Sarkozy in 1987 – the former president holds 34% of the shares of the structure, specializing in business law and real estate law, via the CSC holding company.

According to an accounting document that Capital obtained, the net profit of Realyze reached only 564,000 euros as of December 31, 2021, the closing date of the accounting year. Far, very far, from the profit record (1.08 million euros) recorded in 2020. Worse, it is one of the lowest net profits recorded since the return to business of Nicolas Sarkozy, in 2012, in the aftermath of his failed re-election bid. Turnover also fell, but to a lesser extent, since it stood at 7.5 million euros at December 31, 2021, against 8.2 million euros a year earlier.


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Do these disappointing results have anything to do with Nicolas Sarkozy’s particularly heavy legal agenda? It is probable, even if nothing makes it possible to affirm it with certainty. Because, despite its prestigious clientele (Accor, Bouygues, Rothschild, Toyota…), the success of Realyze is closely linked to the presence of Nicolas Sarkozy. Especially since his historic partner, lawyer Arnaud Claude, was permanently banned from practicing in 2019, leaving his son Christofer and the former president alone in charge of the firm. Nicolas Sarkozy, who is awaiting his appeal judgment in the “wiretapping” case (from November 28 to December 4, 2022), will he be able to raise the bar?

Contacted, neither Realyze, nor the entourage of the former president, had responded to our requests at the time of publication of this article.


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