The Sapins restaurant, one of the best tables in Ariège, closes for lack of a buyer

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For lack of a buyer, the Sapins restaurant of Marie-Jo Bru and Gilles Sabathier, in Nalzen, is closing its doors for good on Sunday August 14.

Sunday, August 14, at 11 p.m., midnight or perhaps later, hearts will sink at the Sapins restaurant. Those of the last customers, that’s for sure, but especially those of Marie-Jo Bru, the famous legendary chef, Gilles Sabathier, her cook companion, and the staff who will have provided the last service. Yes, the Christmas trees will be over then, and well over.

Prestigious and well-deserved awards

As soon as the closure was announced on the menus some time ago, some customers thought it was a joke, others cried… With this definitive closure, one of the best restaurants not only in the Olmes country, but also in Ariège and Occitanie. A table that Marie-Jo, a career in the kitchen started in 1977, relaunched in 1996, and was able to hoist to the top of the ladder of gastronomy with great blows of kindness, creativity, delicacy. And an unwavering passion. Les Sapins restaurant has continued to progress and attract more and more gourmets. With Marie-Jo and Gilles, all the dishes are homemade, from appetizers to sweets. It is therefore not surprising that a great success is there, accompanied by prestigious and well-deserved prizes.

“We did not find a buyer. It hurts my heart. It’s like that, but the house does not remain empty, it has found a buyer. »

Sunday evening, customers will surely have a last look at the fireplace and its beam on which three Georgettes sit enthroned. The ebony one from 2012. The favorite from 2013, given to Cécile Stéfani, the restaurant room manager. And especially the gold one, from 2014, rewarding the gastronomic table category, thanks to a slice of duck breast confit in organic hay.
Sunday evening, it will be difficult to say that at Les Sapins, the refined and generous dishes, it’s over. “We did a job chosen with passion which is not easy, always at 100 an hour, even on days off, specifies the duo. Our job is to cook and treat people, but around it, there is a management that also takes a lot of time, and that is exhausting. »

Since the Covid – and the observation has been made in many professions – it has become difficult to find staff trained or to be trained. Moreover, Marie-Jo and Gilles are advancing in age. “We did not find a buyer. It hurts my heart. It’s like that, but the house does not remain empty, it has found a buyer. »

After a very intense last week, many having wanted to give Les Sapins a last fork, Marie-Jo and Gilles are apprehensive about the days following the closing. “We will have to empty everything, part with kitchen equipment and equipment…”

A big thought and thanks go to the loyal and passing customers. The fact remains that Marie-Jo and Gilles will now be able to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. “We will take time, forget the watch, rest and enjoy the family. Happy retirement, Marie-Jo and Gilles, and thank you again!

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