these natural remedies are VERY effective in keeping them away from your kitchen

Ants can quickly become invasive. Just spot one walking around to know that this is the start of the problem. Indeed, it is a scout. If she finds the slightest crumb to bring back to her colony, they will quickly be hundreds to invest the place.

Unfortunately, it is rare to succeed in spotting these famous scouts in time. Thereby, the ants are already legion when we realize that they settle in our house. Then, the radical solution is essential: an elimination with the pesticide. Except that it is far from being the only and best solution!

Indeed, you want to be able use a natural option to chase away these undesirables. And avoid spraying toxic products in a place where you cook in particular. So it’s time to turn to tips from our grown-ups-mothers. Ecological, economical and equally effective remedies to drive away ants from the kitchen.

How to Get Ant Colonies Out of Your Kitchen, Naturally

For avoid the use of toxic products in a risky environment, well-combined natural products can perform just as well. Our grandmothers knew it well and it’s time to rediscover their secrets and tips.

Several methods have been proven. You can even combine them if you find that the ants do not want to clear off. The natural products we are going to need are far from hard to find. Objeko even knows that some of our readers will be able to find some in their cupboards.

the White vinegar is again quoted. It is definitely the star of natural products. Effective for cleaning but also for driving away ants or other unwanted insects, you should always have some at home.

Natural, affordable and effective products

The principle would then be mix white vinegar with water and use it as a spray. Then, it should be applied to the areas where the ants enter. Contours of doors and windows, but also corners of cupboards, will be brushed with white vinegar.

For reduce the smell of this natural, economical and efficient product, which is not always very pleasant, of the lemon juice can be added. But you can also opt for another of the stars of natural household products, the baking soda. It will also act as an effective natural ant repellant once mixed with a little sugar.

Finally, two other options are available to us in the tricks of our grandmothers. The website scullion also highlights them. And no doubt that some readers ofObjeko are already familiar with these latest tricks.

One of them is to use the coffee grounds to repel ants. A trick that also works against gnats elsewhere. A cup of coffee in a kitchen is always welcome.

Finally, the power of essential oils is invoked. Ants do not like the strong smells of certain oils. Including essential oils of peppermint, basil and lavender. Mixed with a little water, you can again spray this product on the edges of your doors and windows to hunt the undesirables.

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