This Golden Retriever left an entire town speechless for a very good reason!

It’s hard not to be moved when reading this story.

At the age of 74, Guy Cole – a former veteran – has decided to finally take a well-deserved retirement. He then moved to Massachusetts with his wife Adele and made the decision to adopt a dog, something he had always intended to do once he retired.

When he crossed paths with a Golden Retriever puppy, he immediately knew this was the dog he wanted. That’s how Guy adopted Toby. Soon they became inseparable. In 2014 Guy’s wife passed away and the bond between Guy and Toby grew even stronger.

A real hero

One of Guy’s close friends – named Franck – remembers perfectly well an encounter with the Golden Retriever four years ago. While he was at home about a kilometer from Guy’s, Franck heard barking in front of his house. He then went to look and found Toby scratching and barking. A scene so unusual that Franck immediately understood that something was wrong.

Fearing that his friend has a problem, Franck calls 911 and asks for help to go to Guy’s place as soon as possible. Once there, the emergency services found Guy on the ground. Unfortunately, it was already too late to save his life and Guy died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

But one thing is certain, without Toby no one would have realized that Guy had a problem. And for that, all of Guy’s relatives and all the inhabitants of his small community were amazed. The whole city congratulated the brave pooch who even received a eulogy on the police’s Facebook page.

Especially since it was not a first for Toby.

An incredible bond

Indeed, several years before the tragedy, Toby had already warned that Guy needed help. This time help had arrived in time to save Guy’s life. In short, a loyal companion ready to do anything to help his master.

Today, Toby has been placed with relatives of Guy and is very happy there, even if we can imagine that he must be sad to have lost his master. And to honor one last time the beautiful friendship between Guy and Toby, the latter was mentioned in Guy’s obituary as the closest member of his family still alive.

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