This is why you should NEVER store your eggs in the refrigerator door!

The door of most fridges has a tray dedicated to storing eggs. However, this compartment is one of the worst places to store eggs. And this, for reasons of acceleration of their decomposition and therefore even of their degradation.

In the fridge door is a hazard

This gesture comes froma bad habit, which sometimes goes back to childhood. When returning from shopping, many people have the bad reflex of removing the eggs from their carton. And this, in order to put them in the small bin provided for this purpose in the fridge door. If this way of doing things may seem ingenious and not cumbersome, it actually constitutes a real mess.

The fridge door keeps opening throughout the day. Make food, snacks, or just a craving for water. The food or drinks that are in the fridge door are therefore subject to sudden temperature changes during the day. The eggs then decompose much faster. These temperature changes may also change the taste of the eggs. You may also find them harder to beat or even incorporate into your recipes.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to place them somewhere other than in the fridge door. Ideally, place them on middle shelf your fridge, in a place where the temperature remains the most stable without however being the coldest. Also be sure to keep them in their original packaging. And this, since this method protects against odors other foods.

Storing eggs outdoors

Storing eggs at room temperature, contrary to certain practices, does not pose any problem. Whether for health or for the taste of eggs, nothing is different. It must even be said that, on the supermarket shelves, the eggs are not in the fridge, but on a shelf. They can therefore be stored in the same way at home. Don’t forget to keep them away from any source of heat and any risk of drafts. So even if the packaging says ” keep cool“, eggs can be stored at room temperature without any worries.

However, there is a method to know if your eggs are still good to eat. In fact, you only need one container filled with water. So if you’re not sure how fresh your eggs are, place them in a container of water to see. If they stay good, they should sink to the bottom of the container. On the contrary, if they remain on the surface of the water, it means that you better throw them away!

Eating a floating egg can cause some health risks. Indeed, this consumption can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. An expired egg has bacteria which can cause more or less serious illnesses. And this, such as food poisoning. Indeed, the primary cause offood infection of bacterial origin in France remains the consumption of expired eggs.

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