this unstoppable trick to succeed in the perfect cooking of your grilled meats

We are in it. Who says summer meal necessarily says barbecue and grills. An easy menu, which appeals to the greatest number and which can be declined to infinity. So are you more meat, fish or grilled vegetables? In any case, there is one thing not to miss: cooking.

To prevent your room from drying out or burning, there is a simple trick: place an ice cube on it halfway through cooking, once both sides have been flipped. This will hydrate your piece of meat, for example, and delay the browning of its skin.

And there’s even a trick within the trick, marked with Here is. It is given by the Franco-Brazilian chef Alexandra Montagne, chef of the restaurant Nosso in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, and who collaborates in the food programs of WW (ex-WeightWatchers). She explains forming ice cubes filled with a mixture of black butter, salt, pepper, garlic and zaatar. And then place this ice cube on, for example, a rib of beef being grilled.

A way ofinfuse your meat with delicious flavors. And if the chef has chosen to season her ice cubes this way, feel free to experiment by choosing other spices or herbs…

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