Three years after its launch, the Apple Card remains reserved for the United States

It has now been 3 years since the Apple Card was launched in the United States. This Goldman Sachs-backed credit card was made available to select testers on August 6, 2019, before rolling out to all Americans two weeks later. Unfortunately, it remains for the moment only available in the country of Tim Cook, and the Apple is slow to announce the concrete for an opening to other countries.

However, we had reason to believe it, with several clues pointing to a wider deployment of the service. During a trip to Germany in 2019, Tim Cook said he wanted to ” offer this card all over the world “. In 2020, MacRumors indicated that Australia could be on Cupertino’s roadmap, while code in the iOS 14 beta featured GDPR references for the Apple Card. Despite this, nothing has been announced on the Old Continent: it must be said that the differences in economic models complicate a potential export.

A country of choice for the launch of the Apple Card could be Canada. iPhones are legion there (57.39% market share in July) and the practice of credit there is substantially identical to that of the United States. The “Apple Card” brand was registered there by Cupertino in 2019, and the system of cash back would be competitive if it is imported there without a change in rates (which is far from being promised). If the service ends up arriving in France, it will no doubt be in a modified form. It will probably be necessary to give up on its attractive system of cash backdifficult to apply in France.


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