Tip: how do you know when an egg is expired?

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Essential product in the shopping basket, the egg is consumed at least once a week by 91% of French people. Officially, eggs can be eaten up to 28 days after laying, but there is a trick to find out if they are still good.

What is the best before date? This date is unique to eggs. Officially, they are consumable up to 28 days after being laid. But there is a very easy trick to see if the egg is still good.

“We plunge it into a bowl of water, if it stays at the bottom it means that it is extra-fresh, if it rises to the surface it is no longer good. If it is in between, we can still eat it”, explains Lauriane Rabaud, dietician in the Toulouse region.

On the other hand, if the egg is cracked it is not eaten. Another advice: “never wash an egg because the shell is full of bacteria and as it is porous, if you wet it, the bacteria will infiltrate the egg”.

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