Toulouse lawyers demand resources for justice

The Toulouse Bar Association has just launched a petition. Their objective: to alert the public authorities to the “unprecedented” deterioration in the functioning of family justice and to demand more resources.

The Toulouse Bar Association launches a petition to obtain more resources for family justice © Edward Lich

“Today and for more than a month, it is quite simply unable to get a divorce hearingto fix a residence, a right of reception for his children or alimony”, laments the Order of Lawyers of Toulouse in a press release.

Faced with this situation, he launched a petition this Friday, June 24, 2022. The Toulouse Bar wants to alert the public authorities to the “unprecedented” deterioration in the functioning of family justice in the pink city. The petition has already collected more than 600 signatures. The next goal is to reach 1,000.

One year for non-divorce petitions, two to obtain a decision on appeal

For the members of the Council of the Order, “the citizens of Toulouse are faced with a real denial of justice”, because for “many months, lawyers face unacceptable delays “. Indeed, the Order estimates that the wait for a request outside of divorce (right of access, child support for example) is at least one year. This is also the case for setting a hearing after the file is ready to be judged in the case of a divorce. And ” woe to him who appeals! He will have to wait more than two years to obtain a decision, ”continues the bar.

The Toulouse Bar Association asks for more resources, more magistrates

This situation, “denounced by all players in the justice system: lawyers, clerks, magistrates” is “the consequence of a lack of material and human resources allocated to justice, in Toulouse, as elsewhere”, affirms the Order. Through the petition, the city bar calls for the “restoration of access to the judge” and the allocation of additional resources, deemed “essential to the functioning of the public justice service”.

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