UN special rapporteur urges states not to forget Burma crisis

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Before the Human Rights Council, the UN special rapporteur for Burma Tom Andrews made an offensive speech to prevent the Burmese crisis from falling into oblivion by the international community… sometimes going through the box of vulgarity.

With our correspondent in Geneva, Jeremiah Lance

The world must stop having none fuck it from Myanmar. It is with these undiplomatic terms that the UN Special Rapporteur for Burma alerted the Human Rights Council to the ongoing crisis in the country.

Before a council that was three-quarters empty and swallowed up by the General Assembly, the words of Tom Andrews echoed through the room. In his speech, the American denounced both the abuses of the junta, but also the abandonment of the international community, which is, according to him, quicker to react in Ukraine.

Unlike Ukraine, there has been no special session of the UN General Assembly and there is no task force to freeze the assets of the junta. Actions speak louder than words. And the contrast in these two conflicts speaks volumes for the Burmese people. “, he denounced.

The elections will be flight »

The special rapporteur also returned to the attack on a school a few days ago which would have killed more than a dozen children. He also urged states to economically and politically isolate the junta. By refusing, for example, to recognize the elections that it wishes to organize next year. ” It will not be an election. It will be a robbery. You can’t have free elections when you imprison, torture and execute your opponents “, he asserted.

Visibly moved, Tom Andrews is no less realistic. ” I know the Security Council is not going to act, he said, but individual states must do so “. ” It is very important that countries do not fall into the trap and give the impression of supporting this fraud, either by providing technical assistance or by giving advice of any kind. “, he underlined, accusing the junta of wanting “ create a semblance of legitimacy and inevitability “.

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