United States: protectionism in favor of American electric cars annoys the European Union




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M. Justet, F. Depaquit, C. Guttin, B. Girodon, A. Bouville, F. Decominck, A. Lopez – France 2

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The plan Bidenadopted last weekend, provides a bonus of 7,500 dollars just for the purchase of an American electric vehicle. Brussels denounces a discriminatory measure for European manufacturers.

Tensions are mounting between the President of the United States, Joe Bidenand the European Commission. At the heart of the discord, aid to buy electric vehicles on the American market ranging up to $7,500 tax credit, on two conditions: lVehicles must come exclusively from the United States, and battery components from partner countries.

They are considered unfair by the European Commission. “We believe that this is a discriminatory measure, which disadvantages foreign manufacturers compared to American manufacturers”commented, Friday August 12, Miriam Garcia Ferrer, the spokesperson for the Commission.

Joe Biden used to promote American cars. A few months ago, he appeared at the wheel of a Hummer electric in Detroit (United States)stronghold of the automotive industry. “It’s a hell of a car”he commented then. This fierce American protectionism, particularly visible under Donald Trump, has always existed in the country. “One of Joe Biden’s first measures was to strengthen protectionism, in all sectors”comments François Durpairhistorian and scholar of the United States. This strategy strongly opposes the European Union, which is investing heavily in the construction of battery factories.

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