USA still in the lead, 19 EU universities in the top 100

With Harvard in first place for the 20th consecutive year, American universities still prance at the top of the Shanghai ranking published on Monday, in which 19 establishments from the European Union are represented in the top 100.

Anglo-Saxon establishments impose themselves as last year in the first ten places: eight American universities and two British occupy the top of the 2022 edition of this world ranking of the best establishments of higher education, carried out since 2003 by the cabinet independent Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

Enthroned in first place, Harvard is once again ahead of its compatriot Stanford. This year, another American university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), took third place on the podium, relegating the British Cambridge to fourth position.

Then follow the American universities Berkeley (5th) and Princeton (6th) then the British Oxford (7th).

A total of 39 US universities are in the top 100.

Third place for France, after the United States and the United Kingdom

The first non-Anglo-Saxon establishment with its 16th place, the University of Paris-Saclay lost three places compared to the 2021 ranking.

Three other French universities are in the top 100 worldwide, having also dropped a few places compared to last year: PSL University (Paris Science and Letters), which brings together several higher education establishments including the Ecole Normale Supérieure ( ENS), in 40th place, the Sorbonne (43rd) and the University of Paris Cité (78th).

As in 2021, four establishments (French: ndlr) are ranked in the Top 100, including three in the Top 50“, notes the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in a press release this Monday morning.

The ranking of the University of Paris-Saclay as the 16th world university“allows France to”maintain its 3rd place worldwide for the 3rd consecutive year, based on the number of establishments in the Top 20“, he adds. A ranking that “illustrates the French scientific influence internationally”.

Minister Sylvie Retailleau “welcomes the transition to the upper tier of the universities of Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier (201-300), Lille (301-400), Paris-Est Créteil (801-900) and INSA Toulouse (701-800) as well as the taking into account the new perimeters of experimental public establishments (EPE), including those created in 2022 (University of Montpellier, University of Lille and Nantes University)“, in the press release.

The Minister also underlines that the eight universities appearing in the Top 200 “are all labeled IdEx (Excellence Initiatives) or ISITE (Science-Innovation-Territories-Economy Initiatives)”.

With the French establishments, a total of 19 establishments from the EU are present in the first 100 places, including four in Germany and three in Sweden. China is represented by 8 universities. China’s top-ranked institution, Tsingua University, takes 26th place in the ranking.

The “Academic Ranking of World Universities” has been conducted by researchers from Shanghai Jiao-tong University for almost 20 years. It takes into account six criteria, including the number of Nobel and Fields medals – considered the Nobel of mathematics – among graduate students and professors, the number of most cited researchers in their discipline or the number of publications in Science and Nature.

This year, more than 2,500 establishments were reviewed to establish a ranking of the top 1,000.

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