VIDEO. Gers: Marinette has been feeding stray cats in Auch for 30 years

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On every street corner, Marinette Munier has an anecdote about the cats she knows or has known. For 30 years, she has been mobilizing to help abandoned cats.

“Hop, a little fresh water and croquettes”. The gesture has almost become mechanical for Marinette Munier. For 30 years, this Auscitaine has been feeding stray cats in the Gers prefecture. On foot or by car, she travels the streets to do her daily distribution. “I haven’t missed a single one since I started,” says Marinette.

Not one, because over the days, months and years, the cats that Marinette meets become attached to her. “They know when and where I come from,” reports the latter. So the ritual took hold. But far from the idea for Marinette, to leave, ad vitam aeternam, the cats in the street.

Dropout on the rise

A member of the Chapatounes association, which officiates throughout the department, Marinette is working to find families for these cats. “The president of Chapatounes, Nadine Larré, conducts precise investigations on cats and people who wish to adopt them, because you never know to whom you entrust an animal”, sighs Marinette.

In 2019, France rose to sad first place in the number of animal abandonments. “People don’t realize that animals are living beings and that they feel emotions,” insists the volunteer. In Auch, Marinette has noticed: the number of stray cats has continued to increase over the years. The same trend was seen at the departmental level by Nadine Larré.

When Marinette puts the food down she is careful to do it properly so as not to disturb people.

Before finding owners, the association must carry out several checks. “First, we check if the cat is chipped. If this is not the case, we hasten to do so”. After all, everything depends on the physical condition of the animal. “On the street, cats are much more likely to get hurt,” says Marinette.

But operations take time and cost money. “In Auch, we work with several veterinarians who are very attentive, it’s a chance,” adds the volunteer. Nadine Larré reports that “the town hall of Auch signed the agreement with 30 million friends 2 years ago”. Thus stray cats are identified and sterilized.

A life dedicated to cats

It is an important help because unlike the SPA, Chapatounes does not receive any help, “we only work thanks to donations”, underlines Nadine Larré. But sometimes Marinette pays out of her own pocket to carry out these actions. “Life is all about choices, with my husband we don’t leave very much, we don’t have a lot of fun. I live for cats”.

And her husband, Pierre, also sees himself living with cats. “We have nine at home, plus those who come for internships”, quips the latter. And soon, the couple will move from their apartment in Hauteville to a house in Mouzon. “The house is for them, not for the big cat,” smiles Marinette, looking at Pierre. And concerning the few remarks she may have received, Marinette pays little attention to them. To cats, she devotes her life to it and fights tirelessly.

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