wildfires wipe out progress on U.S. air quality

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In the United States, the wildfire smoke erases decades of air quality progress,” conclude a team of researchers from Stanford University quoted by the New York Times this Thursday. Over the past decade, the number of people experiencing a “ extreme smoke day (air quality deemed unhealthy for all age groups) increased 27-fold. In 2020 alone, nearly 25 million people across the United States were affected by fumes deemed dangerous , underlines the daily.

In parts of the western United States, ” the increase in fine particle pollution from these fumes was roughly equivalent to the improvement in air quality resulting from the regulation of factories and other point sources of pollution “. ” As climate change intensifies fire risks across the country and plumes of smoke can travel thousands of miles from their source, no one is immune to the effects. “, add the New York Times.

Mexico: new very strong aftershock of Monday’s earthquake

This is the second earthquake of the week in Mexico: 6.9 on the Richter scale around 1am, on the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Two people were killed. This new jerk “woke up the people of Michoacán, Colima, Jalisco, Guerrero and Mexico City “, noted Universal. ” The seismic alert sounded and fear again gripped Mexicans. The newspaper explains on its front page that some people prefer to sleep in the street for fear of another earthquake.

In all, nearly 39 million people felt this aftershock, assessed as the strongest since Monday’s earthquake, recalls Milenio. Universal allows itself a touch of humor with an article on the best same and the tweets of everyone who found themselves in their pajamas on the street in the middle of the night.

Honduras: 100,000 people threatened by floods

In Honduras too, some choose to sleep on the streets, ” in small improvised structures where they placed hammocks and mattresses to rest “, Explain Once Noticias. Objective: not to be surprised by the floods during the night. The Ulúa River is in flood in the north of the country and several towns are under water. Several roads are destroyed. The authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand people. « Hondurans hit by the ravages of nature “, title TuNota.com this Thursday morning.

Honduras, where former first lady Rosa Elena de Lobo was sentenced to 14 years, one month and five days in prison in a corruption case linked to the embezzlement of public money intended for social assistance. “Repeat trials, convictions and family tragedies marked the judicial process that lasted more than four years », comments The Heraldo. The defense plans to appeal.

Donald Trump prosecuted for massive tax evasion

Also in the headlines in the United States: former President Donald Trump and his children are accused of having lied to the tax authorities. The New York State Attorney General announced civil lawsuits on Wednesday. “ Donald Trump accused of massive tax evasion », title the Chicago Grandstand in One. The billionaire is accused of undervaluing properties if it would save him money and overvaluing properties if it would help him get bigger loans. This is particularly the case, according to the prosecution, for the Trump Tower in Chicago.

Donald Trump has been called a fraudster for years. New York Attorney General Claims She Can Prove It “, summarizes the Boston Globe. He does not risk a prison sentence: the prosecutor requests 250 million dollars for the State of New York and also demands that the family be prohibited from loans from banks with links to New York. ” Maybe it’s not that bad “, comments the Boston Globe, since the former president now resides in Florida. But according to the newspaper, this legal action could well embarrass Donald Trump, who has always liked to convey the idea that he was successful in business.


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